Caroline Springs

It’s no secret that Jim’s is a trusted name throughout Australia. But with this name comes a grand amount of responsibility and pride. You can rest assured that each one of our test and tag specialists follows the integrity this name means to our customers. With a Jim’s test and tag Caroline Springs specialist, you get a local who has spent extensive amounts of time training under the latest technology and techniques. They understand that in a growing technological climate, they need to always stay ahead to provide the best services for their clients. That’s why for the past ten years, we have been the leading testing and tagging provider. We offer PAT, RCD, Earth Safety Checks and all the solutions to boosting your fire system safety. Learn more about what we can do for you by calling 131 546 or by filling out the form below. 

Why should you test and tag periodically?

A good example of why you should test and tag electrical appliances is to avoid costly repairs and save money. Performing periodic testing can detect minor faults before they become major problems. Not only can you avoid expensive repairs, but you can also prevent downtime and loss of productivity by identifying quick and easy fixes. In addition to this, performing testing regularly will ensure that your electrical equipment works efficiently and that your premises are safe for your staff and visitors.



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