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Test & Tag Services Bunbury - Electrical Testing

Have you had your electrical equipment tested recently? This is where  Rob at Jim’s Test & Tag Bunbury comes in.

Regular testing and tagging is of the utmost importance when managing and running a business in Australia.

Many business owners do not realise that different types of equipment must be tested and tagged at regular intervals depending on many factors including the level of risk involved and where it is being used. This can run from as often as 3 monthly to annually. Failing to meet the strict testing requirements of AS/NZS 3760 will mean you could fail a WorkSafe audit and face huge fines. Jim’s Test & Tag experts will make sure this doesn’t happen by creating a clear schedule for when you need testing and sending a friendly reminder before that time.

Proper testing and tagging of your electrical equipment not only ensures that you protect yourself and others in your workplace; it’s regulated by Australian law. This is why you need a service provider that can test and tag your electrical equipment in Bunbury with the pertinent information needed to get you up to regulation.

Who We Are

Jim’s Test & Tag has been working nationwide since 2003 consulting and attending to the most reputable businesses, and we’ve got no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Our company takes pride in educating its team members on up to date regulations, and that’s only the beginning. Our service is comprehensive, meaning that we not only test and tag your equipment; we follow up to ensure that you’re always up to regulation. We’ll help you pass your inspections, every time.

Our team members are local business owners and highly trained technicians who work to Australian standards and use the best equipment, providing top-notch customer service. Our dedication to our clients is only topped by the amount of expertise we bring to the table, and we’re proud of that.

Contact us today to get started with a thorough consultation on what services your business needs. With Jim’s Test & tag Bunbury, we’ve always got you covered.


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