Bendigo South East

Bendigo South East is a great family-oriented neighbourhood. Full of great schools for both primary and high school, there are many activities to fill up the day.

Jim’s has been helping prevent electrical hazards from occurring in Bendigo South East businesses for the past decade. We have local expert technicians that have been trained in all aspects of electrical and fire safety. Our teams can be reached locally, so they see firsthand how our equipment works in your environment as well as the likelihood of fires occurring. This knowledge is invaluable as being able to understand your situation fully, is a great step in clearing your electrical and fire concerns. Clients are often surprised to see how well our experts can handle electrical issues and help in making their fire system more effective. Want to hear more from our team? Call 131 546 or fill out the contact sheet. Get a free on-site consultation when you meet for the first time! 

Testing and tagging electrical appliances is a legal requirement. It is important for both residential and commercial properties, as it prevents the risk of faulty equipment. By testing and tagging appliances, you will be able to keep track of any problems that may occur with the equipment. It’s also important to keep records of any tests, as they can prove you are compliant with legal requirements and electrical safety guidelines. Not only will it make you safer, but it will also help your insurance company, as you’ll have a record of any faults that were discovered during testing.


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