There is so much joy when thinking about our town of Benalla. Booming with industry, community spirit and new and old residents coming together for a chat, Benalla is an amazing suburb to grow up in.

This is why we at Jim’s Test and Tag, a resident of yours truly, are honoured to have grown up alongside Benalla. Testing and tagging appliances is an important part of Workplace Health and Safety legislation. Testing is necessary to avoid hazards such as electric shock or fire, and to maintain the integrity of your appliances. Jim’s Test and Tag are specialised in dealing with all kinds of fire safety and electrical equipment issues. For the past ten years, we have gained a lifetime of experience in providing the best-suited advice and solutions to fit your needs. Some of our services include PAT, RCD, Earth Safety checks and fire kit upgrades. With a Jims team testing and tagging in your neighbourhood, your business can rest easy. Consider calling us or getting in touch today!

What is the purpose of the test and tag?

The purpose of testing and tagging electrical equipment is to protect the public and workers. It also helps to identify problems before they cause major hazards. By preventing potential problems, testing also ensures that appliances have been properly maintained. And, of course, it also helps to increase the life of electrical equipment. 

Testing and tagging equipment is necessary for the workplace. Whether it’s used in a production environment, warehouse or factory making sure that your environment is safe is a priority.


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