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Bardon is a place of true community spirit, featuring many classy and classic Queensland homes and leafy green outlooks. It’s a beautiful and tranquil suburb comfortably snuggled right in the foothills of Mt Coot-tha. This wonderful place makes its hilly location just add so much more to the already peaceful community atmosphere, and it isn’t even that far from all the city’s hotspots.

Everybody adores this town, and Bardon’s Jim test and tag love it just as much as everyone else, because why would we hate this lovable town? Anyways Jim’s test and tag in Bardon offer everything that you would need it an inspection. We make sure to make it as easy and relaxing for you as possible, as our professionals are passionate about making your business as safe as possible while being quite friendly and nice while they’re at it.

Safety switch testing

The importance of safety switch testing and tagging in the workplace cannot be overlooked. A safety switch tag will include the location of the safety switch, the condition of the switch and advice for further action. 

An RCD Safety Switch monitors the flow of electricity in a circuit. Under normal operating conditions, the flow of current in the Active and Neutral wires is equal. An imbalance in this flow can occur due to faults in the circuitry. An RCD can detect an imbalance in electrical flow within 20 milliseconds and disconnect power. However, faulty electrical equipment is responsible for preventable injuries in the workplace. That’s why safety switch testing is an essential safety measure in any home or office. If you’re unsure whether your safety switch needs to be tested, ask our team at 131 546.


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