Balwyn is the perfect place for people who just adore beautiful parks and gardens, and a clean and green neighbourhood. Not only does this mean that this harmonious suburb is great for families of all types, but it’s also great for retirees who just want to lay back and relax.

We know that nobody wants a tragic accident to happen, because of a simple electrical device error, so we are here to stop that from happening. Jim’s test and tag in Balwyn are incredibly competent, and make sure that you are comfortable with the price of the inspection because of the completely free inspection that we offer. And if you are happy with the cost of the service, we can guarantee that our inspectors will be friendly and that they listen to all of what you say. So don’t wait, instead, call 131 546 today for Jim’s test and tag in Balwyn.

Testing and tagging saves lives

Electrical items are often the culprits of fires. When they malfunction, the resulting fire can cause huge amounts of property damage and loss of valuable data and equipment. This is why it is critical to have all electrical devices and appliances tested regularly to ensure their safety. A qualified fire safety technician can streamline this process, providing reliable on-site testing for any type of electrical device. 


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