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Alkimos has it all. It has such a great mix of beautiful beaches, great retail and food options and a boom in new residential areas. We’re defiantly seeing more and more happy families staying in the area.

We are the ones who can assist you if you have any inquiries about the condition of your electrical system or your fire safety plan. For the past 10 years, Jim’s Test and Tag Alkimos has offered electrical evaluations and fire apparatus improvements to the businesses in our neighbourhood. We pledge to consistently provide top-notch services so that you may feel protected in your neighbourhood. It’s a good idea to keep your electrical equipment up to date. Electrical problems might develop without your knowledge and threaten lives, harm property, cause mishaps, or even ignite fires. Updating your fire prevention system could be difficult. We might also assist you by making sure your fire extinguishers, exit lights, and smoke alarms are in good working order. Learn more about what we can do for your fire or electrical needs. Call 131 546 or fill out the form here.

Have you ever wondered, Why do you need to test and tag?

You’re not alone. Even a simple electric kettle can pose a danger – electrical energy is flowing into it, and if a cable is faulty, the result can be deadly. The good news is that this task doesn’t have to cost as much as hiring a specialist contractor. Although you might save money by doing it yourself, it will take time to learn how to do it correctly and write the report.


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