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Test & Tag Services Adelaide

Jim's Test & Tag

Testing and tagging your electrical equipment is one of the vital steps in creating a stress free work environment. Without testing, you can leave yourself open to risks and dangers of safety violations, injuries, and in the worst cases, death. None of these would-be accidents are conducive to the welfare of you and your staff, nor your business. It’s of vital importance to hire expert servicemen who test and tag in Adelaide.

That’s where we come in.

Jim’s Test & Tag is Australia’s leading test and tag service provider, with over 10 years in the business and locations all over Australia and New Zealand. We relish the fact that we’ve been able to serve our clients for over a decade, with no aims to slow down any time soon.

Why Test and Tag?

In addition to testing and tagging being compulsory, the WHS has a whole host of regulations you’ll need to know to keep your business safe and running. The WHS coordinates all of the rules of work health and safety law in Australia and compliance legislation is constantly changing. In order to stay abreast of all of the WHS regulations, you’ll need a service provider that makes it their business to stay informed.

Electrical equipment testing is one of the most vital factors in keeping a work environment safe. It’s important to be knowledgeable about proper wiring and the inspection of testing and construction wiring in order to preserve standards, and also the constantly changing state regulations for these standards. Testing and tagging your appliances will not only protect the welfare and safety of those around you, but also from any safety violations that accompany failing to comply with Australian standards.

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Give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will speak with you shortly about getting your business up to code, whether it be immediate or in the near future. Here at Jim’s Test & Tag Adelaide, we’ve got you covered.

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