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Have Your Appliances Been Vetted By A Qualified Electrical Tester?

At Jim’s Test And Tag, we have been helping businesses and homeowners for over ten years to carefully monitor their electrical appliances and ensure one-hundred percent safety. We believe that occupational health and safety is the number one priority. However, we also find that is all too often ignored for the sake of convenience or budget. We have seen, first hand, the results of lacklustre or outdated electrical safety practices and we know just how much damage (structural, financial and human) they can cause. The only weapons that anyone has against harmful electrical faults are diligent inspection and advanced planning. Our team of expert test and tag technicians have the skills, the equipment and the experience to check all of your electrical equipment and safety switches and ensure that they are up to standard. We provide an outstanding level of service to our customers at an affordable price.

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Respect The Power And Danger Of Electrical Current

You can’t go anywhere today in the modern world without encountering a piece of machinery powered by electricity or an electrical outlet of some sort. Since the invention of the long lasting light bulb in the nineteenth-century electricity has effectively become the lifeblood that powers almost every aspect of contemporary society. This incredible energy supply, available at the flick of a switch, has brought us to so much innovation and progress that it is hard to think of what life would be like without it. However, hidden beneath the benefits of electric current lie an inherent danger to which we have grown ignorant. Between 2014 and 2016 over one-thousand people were hospitalised as a result of electrocution in Australia alone, to say nothing of injuries or fatalities that resulted from electrical fires. This highlights how important it is to make sure we use electrical appliances and devices safely whatever the setting may be.

The Australian Standards dictate that all electrical equipment must be regularly checked to guarantee they are in acceptable working order and pose no risk of electrical fault. An effective monitoring system is in place to uphold this standard whereby all devices must carry a tag that clearly states it is in safe condition, when it was tested, by whom and when it must next be tested. At Jim’s Test And Tag, we specialise in the rigorous testing of electrical appliances of all shapes, sizes and purposes to determine they are safe for use. We tag all verified equipment with labels that are durable and easy to read.

The time required to carry out our inspection depends on the type of equipment being examined; however, it normally only takes a few minutes at a time. A visual inspection of the appliance helps our technicians to judge what electrical test needs to be performed. Some appliances go through several tests prior to being labelled as safe and acceptable. Our professional testers are fully trained and stay up to date with current test and tag practices. We have garnered an excellent reputation among our customers who are come back for testing and tagging year on year and recommend our services to others.

How Frequently Should Electrical Equipment Be Tested?

When judging how often an electrical appliance should be tested and tagged, the prominent determining factor is the type of environment in which an appliance is used. The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 governs electrical testing and tagging. This standard should be viewed as a minimum requirement. We advise the following frequencies for the most common environments:

  • 3-month intervals for building, construction and demolition
  • 6-month intervals for factories, warehouses and production
  • 12-month intervals for any environment where the equipment is open to abuse/occupational damage or where the supply cord is prone to flexing
  • 5-year intervals for environments where the equipment is not open to abuse or the supply cord is not prone to flexing

Many workplaces located in harsh environments where there is a greater risk of damage will have different test and tag frequencies due to their own risk management and OHS planning. Industries like construction, demolition and mining require the use of certain test and tag colours. Colour coordinated tags allow for the widespread and effective testing and tagging once the previous tags are out of date. In these industries coloured tags denote a particular time of year:

  • Red – December to February
  • Green – March to May
  • Blue – June to August
  • Yellow – September to November

All of our tags are printed so there is never any confusion over handwritten information. As a rule, we always advise that our customers never use or rely on handwritten tags as they can be misleading, wear away over time and use, and can indicate an inexperienced or non-professional tester. If you notice an appliance with a handwritten tag in your premises, then it is important that you contact a professional electrical testing service like ourselves to see that the unit is correctly assessed and affixed with a durable and accurate tag for future reference.

Give Jim A Call, He Won’t Let You Down

For the greatest peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe and your home or business is protected against unexpected electrical faults make sure you have an experienced tag tester examine and certify your appliances. The best technicians in Australia can only be found at Jim’s Test And Tag. Jim’s is the number one brand in Australia that guarantees quality and friendly service. If you’re not convinced then why not take a look at our customer testimonials on our website for a better understanding of how our work helps protect against uncertainty. If you have any questions or concerns then just drop us a line, we’re always happy to help, especially when it comes to electrical safety. You can also avail of a free quote for testing and tagging with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. Make the smart decision and give us a call, we promise you won’t regret it!

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