Protecting Your Family in a Fire

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When it comes to fire protection, everyone should work to do the very best to have the most up to date knowledge to protect themselves. The way to get this information is to find a trusted and respected company to provide you with knowledge and the equipment you need.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be installed in every dwelling. They should be loud enough to wake you should you be asleep when they sound. There are two types, battery only and hard wired with battery backup. Batteries should be changed out twice a year to ensure they are in proper working order. The reports have verified that installing smoke detectors has decreased in home fire deaths by 60%. They need to be tested with smoke simulation regularly by a professional. If your smoke alarm does sound in the middle of the night, you should remember to check your doors for heat before leaving the room. You want to make sure your children remember this key point also. Safety should always come first in every home.

 Fire Extinguishers are essential in Fire Protection

Fire Extinguishers should be checked every six months by a trained professional. The proper documentation should be completed. This is just as important at home as in an office setting. All fire protection equipment should regularly be checked twice a year.

 Have a Fire Escape Plan

You should know the how to get out of your home in case of emergency. You need to remember that you should stay close to the floor and crawl your way to the door. Feel the door, starting at the bottom, for any heat that may be on the other side. Do not open the door if it, or the door knob, is hot. You should always have a secondary escape route out of the room. A window can provide this secondary route. Be familiar with how the window opens. Know where you are going to go before there is a fire. Just like schools and business have drills, you should have drills in your home. Have a meeting place outside of the home for everyone to gather once they get out. Teach your children exactly how to get out of the home.

 Follow Key Fire Protection Practices

If you do have your clothes catch fire, you will need to stop moving. Drop to the ground. Then you need to roll around to smother the fire. Do not panic. Remembering these things will save you from needless physical harm. Keeping your equipment inspections up to date will help you protect your family. You want to be familiar with all the steps of fire protection so that you do not panic in an emergency. The more familiar you are with what you need to do, and the better the shape of your equipment, means that you will have a solid ground to protect you and your home. This is more than just having a sound piece of mind; it is knowing what to do in an emergency.

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