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Professional Electrical Testing & Tagging

Professional Electrical Testing & Tagging

When it comes to the safety of your car – you take it to a professional mechanic.

When it comes to your health – you see a medical professional.

Where do you go for electrical testing and tagging? You can’t trust just anyone.

It’s the safety of you and your employees that’s on the line.

You don’t get second chances when it comes to safety, so it’s important to see the experts first.

The professional team at Jim’s Test & Tag have you covered in every way.

Whether it’s used, worn or damaged equipment, be sure that you are looking after the safety of everyone at your workplace. See the experts who know the ins and outs of how to test and tag electrical equipment properly.

Professional Testing & Tagging
Professional Electrical Test and Tag

What is Electrical Testing and Tagging?

Test and Tag is the name given to the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances.

There are two parts to the process.

The first is the visual inspection of the appliance for any damage.

This is then followed by electrically testing with a Portable Appliance Tester.

Once tested, the item is placed with a tag to confirm that it has been correctly tested, showing who tested it, the test date and, importantly, when the next test is due.

This is to ensure the safety of people in the workplace coming into contact with the appliance, while minimising the risk of any electrical hazard. The AS/NZS 3760 is the Australian Standard that provides guidelines and regulations for the test and tag industry with regards to electrical safety of appliances. It sets out test and tag requirements and recommendations.

Who knows how to test and tag electrical equipment so you have peace of mind? That’s Jim’s Test & Tag team.

Why is Electrical Safety Risk Assessment important?

To protect anyone at your workplace, you need to be aware of any safety risks. You need to ensure that no single person is at risk while using electrical equipment. Finding and eliminating faults is essential. Before taking action, an Electrical Safety Risk Assessment is highly recommended. How to test and tag electrical equipment correctly can mean the difference between keeping your employees safe.

It’s time to ask yourself some important questions.

  • Is all the electrical equipment at your workplace completely safe?
  • When was the last time your electrical equipment was inspected?
  • Have any electrical safety problems been identified?
  • Do you know a trusted Test & Tag team?

Then it’s time to call the professionals at Jim’s Test & Tag. They can take you through all the steps involved and what you need to know.

How do I know Jim’s Test & Tag are the best?

You don’t last long in the Test & Tag field if you aren’t completely reliable.

Jim’s Test & Tag has been a leading expert in this field for over 10 years and always strives to provide each and every client with the most comprehensive and efficient service.

Here’s just a sample of our many satisfied clients:

“Jim’s personnel are always cheerful, courteous, prompt and do not hesitate to go the extra mile … they book ahead, scheduling the next lot of inspection directly with our field staff, an enlightening & seamless process.”

– OH & S Manager Group Projects, Fulton Hogan

“Shane tested and tagged our workshop and offices recently and found a number of faulty electrical connections that our previous contractors had never identified!! We feel safe knowing Shane has completed a thorough job testing and tagging our electrical equipment. We look forward to using Jim’s Test & Tag for all our sites.”

– Safety, Training & Quality Manager, Boom Logistics Ltd

“A great big thank yo

u to Jim’s Test & Tag for doing a wonderful last minute job for me… Really accommodating and nothing was too much trouble.”

– Owner, Orange Sunshine Photography


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