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Preventing Fires at Work

Causes of fire

Fire prevention measures should be a priority in any workplace. It is important to maintain your emergency equipment throughout the year – however, during this high-risk period, we should all be more mindful of fire risk.

There are many ways in which you can prepare your business for fire prevention with Jim’s Fire Safety, as well as some extra measures you can take to ensure added safety during the hot summer season. The following steps will help you maintain a risk-free working environment for your business. You may choose to implement these easy tips in your workplace to help minimise fire damage and potential harm to your staff this summer.

1. Patrol the perimeter of your building for fire hazards

You can ask your employees or supervisors to do regular inspections around the outside of your building to make sure there aren’t any dangerous objects or fluids present.

2. Monitor external bins for combustibles

Keep your bins tidy and make sure they are locked. This means that your staff will have more control over objects that enter your bins, and prevent any external personal from placing potentially hazardous objects in your bins.

3. Have a clear evacuation strategy

Gather your employees and have a meeting to refresh your evacuation plan. People can forget instructions in a panic, so it’s a good idea to keep repeating your emergency exit plan at regular intervals. Make sure your emergency lighting system is in working condition, and that you have a designated fire warden.

4. Keep safety exit routes unobstructed

Once your staff have a clear idea of their required actions during an emergency, you need to make sure these steps are easy to implement. Make sure the path to your emergency exits is always clear. This will help employees remain calm in an emergency, and easily access a safe route away from a fire hazard.




If you’re looking for further assistance in minimising fire hazard in your business, our team can perform the following checks on your safety equipment:

1. Fire extinguisher testing

The nature of your business should inform which fire extinguishers you have installed in your building. At Jim’s, we have experience with fire extinguishers and their varied contents. We can test your fire extinguisher, as well as perform refills, and check for any external damage. For further protection this summer, educate your staff about how to use a fire extinguisher safely.

2. Fire hose reel testing

A fire hose reel can provide a fast response to any fire hazard. If the device is in working condition, and it is easy to access, your staff should have no trouble defending themselves if a fire occurs in your building this summer. We test fire hose reels and make sure they are in the correct placement. We work to the latest Australian safety standard, so you can be assured your employees are in safe hands.

3. Fire blanket testing 

If your business is in a commercial kitchen, or in the retail food sector, you should have a fire blanket installed on the premises, in an area of easy access for employees. Jim’s Fire Safety team can test your fire blanket to make sure it works when you need it. Old blankets can become faulty, and if a professional is not present to re-pack your fire blanket, it can damage its capacity to smother flame. Invest in expert services with our team and have your fire blanket tested with care.

4. Electrical Risk Assessment

Jim’s Test & Tag team can assess the potential electrical risks in your workplace and work to minimise hazards. Appliances and equipment should be tested and tagged, power points checked, and any damaged cabling replaced. Our team of technicians can assess your workplace and advise you on the potential risks.

If you would like more ideas about how to protect your employees from harm this season, check out these workplace summer safety tips. If you would like more information about our services, call us on 131 546 or fill out the online form for a free quote.

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