Occupational Health and Safety – A legal requirement for all NSW businesses

Understanding and remaining compliant with NSW OHS standards is vital to ensure your workplace properly protects your employees from injury or death and protects your business from financial risk. The Occupational Health and Safety Act NSW 2000s provides the legislation all New South Wales workplaces are required to be compliant with to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and visitors.

This act states that all electrical installations at a workplace must be maintained by a competent person to ensure they remain safe for use. Any breaches of this act can leave your business facing serious litigation in court.

When do I need to test the electrical equipment at the workplace?

All electrical equipment at a worksite must be regularly tested by a trained and qualified person to ensure that it is safe for use. However, the required frequency for testing differs for different equipment and work environments.

For example, RCD testing should be performed every 3 months while portable appliances should be tested every 6 months.

More ‘hostile operating environments’ (“a place of work where an electrical article is in its normal use subjected to operating conditions that are likely to result in damage to the article”)  such as workplaces of businesses operating in the construction industry are required to perform electrical equipment testing more frequently.

  • RCD testing should be performed once a month as they require an ‘operating time test’ (electrical trip)

  • Electrical appliances in these workplaces require testing every 3 months

The table below provides a more detailed overview of the guidelines for different work environments and equipment. Jim’s Test & Tag can also provide assistance in helping businesses identify how often they should be testing their electrical equipment.

occupational health and safety nsw

Jim’s Test & Tag is committed to helping NSW businesses provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees and onsite visitors. We offer a range of services, including electrical risk assessment, electrical testing and tagging, RCD testing and emergency and exit lights, that are all delivered to help your business remain OHS compliant.

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