Office Safety: Power Boards

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Is your business based in an office? Faulty power boards can cause fire and electrical shock. At Jim’s Test & Tag we specialise in electrical testing & tagging. You should have your office power boards regularly maintained by a professional, or replaced when damage occurs.

Take a look at our office safety tips for power board safety. Our guide can help you minimise the risk of fire and electrical shock in the workplace. Most fires are accidental and preventable – by following our guide to office safety, you are protecting your employees.

For more information about how Jim’s Test & Tag can protect your business, take a look at our extensive range of services. Our safety technicians are dedicated to minimising risk, and can help you ensure the safety of your employees.

Do you need test & tag services in your office? Contact us on 131 546 today or fill out the online form for a free quote.

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