Office Christmas Party Safety

Christmas trees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year already – the festive season is here. Unfortunately, holiday celebrations are often coupled with risk. Relaxed behaviour, combined with access to foreign appliances and objects, can increase the likelihood of a workplace injury.

Luckily, we have some handy tips for staying safe at the office Christmas party – and throughout the holiday season. You can ensure your employees are safe by being aware of some common office Christmas party hazards and having safety measures in place to minimise risk.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can be a merry addition to any office Christmas party, however, this festive party addition can be a dangerous one. A highly flammable synthetic Christmas tree could put an untimely end to your office celebrations.

Ways to prevent Christmas tree fires:

  • Make sure your Christmas lights are replaced or checked thoroughly for frayed wires and broken globes before placing them on your Christmas tree.
  • Water your tree – if you have a live tree, keeping it hydrated will make it less flammable.
  • Spray your tree with a fire retardant.
  • Choose a safe place for your Christmas tree, away from any appliances, power points, and doorways. Make sure your tree is in a place where your party guests won’t knock it over.

If a fire occurs during your office Christmas party, your workplace should be prepared with existing fire protection equipment. You are legally obligated to provide your business with a fire safety plan and ensure that any risks are managed. To minimise the risks to your employees, you should regularly maintain your workplace fire safety equipment, including having your fire extinguishers tested every 6 months. For peace of mind, you can educate your staff about how to use a fire extinguisher safely so that fear of fire hazards doesn’t have to ruin the Christmas fun.

Twinkling Lights

The risks associated with decorative Christmas lights aren’t limited to fire. Damaged and dated Christmas lights can result in electric shock. You can avoid risk by inspecting your decorative lights for any damage and making sure your lights have fused plugs. If you want extra insurance, you can ask Jim’s Test & Tag to inspect your lights, as well as any other appliances you may have installed for your office celebrations. You should already have an RCD (safety switch) installed on the premises, and have it tested at regular intervals for added protection against faulty Christmas lights and power points. To avoid tripping your office Christmas party guests, make sure any extension cords you have connected to your lights are taped down, or out of the way.

You might choose to have a team meeting before your Christmas party to discuss your evacuation procedures and ensure that your employees know what to do in an emergency. Your emergency and exit lights should be tested (and replaced if needed) so that your party guests can calmly navigate the building in the event of an emergency.

Food for Thought

Food poisoning is not a gift you want to give your workplace this Christmas. You can follow these food safety tips to prevent any food risks at your office Christmas party. This way you can enjoy the celebration without worry, knowing that your employees are protected against food potential food poisoning. If you are using a microwave at your office Christmas party, you should make sure it is safe for usage by having it tested and tagged. Our technicians can check that your microwave is performing with the ideal level of energy efficiency, and help make sure your food is cooked for the required amount of time.

Here at Jim’s Test & Tag, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday period. Your office Christmas party should be a time to relax and celebrate the year that was – minimising risk will allow you to enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.

Preparing for an office Christmas party? Contact Jim’s Test & Tag today for more safety advice on 131 546 or ask us for a free quote.

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