What is Microwave Oven radiation?

Microwave oven radiation is the energy that produces water in food to vibrate quickly, resulting in the heating of food. Faulty microwaves can distribute radiation leakage that can be very harmful. Read More

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Jim’s Test & Tag can check your microwave ovens for both radiation leakage and power output efficiency. Microwave testing is particularly important in the retail food industry.

It’s important to ensure that your microwave is shielding you, your employees and your family from radiation leakage. Microwave efficiency varies. In certain environments some microwave ovens can fail to perform at the correct level of efficiency. Your local Jim’s Test & Tag technician can perform an energy efficiency test to determine if the microwave has the correct power output thus ensuring food is cooked for the required amount of time.

What causes Microwave Ovens to leak?

The most common cause of microwave oven leakage is faulty or worn out door seals. This can occur from mistreatment, food build-up or the age of the microwave. Regular microwave testing can help identify if your microwave is leaking harmful radiation.

What’s involved in Microwave Testing?

An experienced professional will inspect the microwave and ensure it is safe for a kitchen environment based on the AS/NZS 3760 and AS/NZS 60335.2.25. This is a quick and easy process that involves using a microwave oven radiation leakage detector to identify the level of radiation that your microwave is producing. Jim’s Test & Tag use OHS/WHS compliant testing equipment for all microwave testing inspections.

What happens if the unit fails the microwave testing?

When the microwave has been deemed defective we will apply a faulty sticker on it. We then inform our customers of the failed microwave and its harmful effects. After disposing of the microwave customers can relax knowing they aren’t exposed to harmful radiation.

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