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Commercial Microwave Testing Melbourne

Microwave testing

Workers in the food retail industry come in contact with microwaves all the time and can get exposed to radiation if it is defective. Exposure to radiation is one of the biggest reasons for illness. Jim’s Test & Tag microwave testing in Melbourne can help in ensuring that your microwave has no faults present in it and is safe for commercial use.

We at Jim’s Test & Tag are very particular about microwave testing. We have the most experienced and skilled microwave technicians who perform comprehensive testing of microwaves to make sure that they aren’t damaged or leaking harmful radiation.

Microwaves can become damaged due to a number of reasons. For instance, closing the door too strongly, wear and tear caused due to consistent use, and food particles lodged in the seals and hinges of the oven door. These reasons can all cause the door to not close properly which can cause radiation to leak out of the unit unnoticed.

Steps of Microwave Testing in Melbourne

Microwave testing in Melbourne involves a number of steps. Each unit is systematically tested to make sure that it is not leaking any radiations and is working at an acceptable level of efficiency. Our technicians make use of the most advanced tools for measuring the radiation levels produced by the microwave and also conduct an electric safety test to ensure that it meets all the safety standards.

Advantaged of Microwave Testing Melbourne

Besides the obvious advantage of ensuring the safety of employees, microwave testing in Melbourne offered by Jim’s Test & Tag can provide a number of other advantages to you.

These are:

  • Compliance with safety standards
  • Workplace safety
  • Energy saving

To ensure the safety of your workplace call Jim’s Test & Tag today and take advantage of our services of microwave testing in Melbourne.

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