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Meet Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson joined the Jim’s Test & Tag Franchise in 2008. His story is not unfamiliar to those that are a part of the franchise already. His journey is one of personal growth and success.

Seeking a new challenge seven years ago, Grant began looking for an opportunity where he could be his own boss in an industry he was passionate about.

Before taking his first steps to owning his own business, Grant needed to feel confident that Jim’s Test & Tag was the right fit for him. He researched on his own, then took the initiative to speak to existing Franchisees and learn from their journeys and experiences.

After this, Grant decided it would be best to build his own business plan with the framework provided by Jim’s Test & Tag and build a cash flow projection (something he had never done before), all this would help him decide whether this business venture would fit with his lifestyle and personal goals.

After heavily planning his investment, Grant joined Jim’s Test & Tag as a new Franchisee. Grant found the adjustment to his new work environment to be an intense learning experience.

“It was challenging the first few months, I made every mistake in the book.”

Grant had never been his own boss, and learnt that the franchise system would allow him to grow and develop to be his best.

Immediately after joining Jim’s Test & Tag, Grant attended Jim’s network events with individuals from his Test & Tag NZ Division as well as the other Divisions. He turned to this new found support network to help navigate through any challenges he faced. He soon found that utilising the system and following the Jim’s processes already in place meant his businesses could be on the road to success.

Within three months, Grant started to notice smaller businesses were calling for repeat services. These repeat customers gave Grant a new found confidence to go out and promote his Jim’s Test & Tag business, ultimately achieving his goals.

Grant had his Jim’s Test & Tag Regional Franchisor available any time for any queries, ready to support him with any additional resources required to get the job done. Business continued to grow for Grant, and he has never looked back.

Now, Grant is a Regional Franchisor who is passionate not only about his business but making other Franchisees business’ as successful as possible. As a Regional Franchisor, Grant helps Franchisees with:

  •  Helping you start your journey
  • Assistance with training
  • Working with you to grow your confidence
  • Reviewing your goals, business plan and cash flow projections
  • Providing additional resources and information

If you’re thinking about becoming a Franchisee with Jim’s Test & Tag, Grant suggests getting on the phone and speaking to a Franchisor to discuss how the Jim’s family could be right for you. Jim’s Test & Tag are there to help you succeed, call 131 546 today to discuss your journey.

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