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Have you had your electrical equipment tested recently? This is where Jim’s Test & Tag Perth come in. Businesses generate thousands of dollars in fines and repair costs because of negligent practices pertaining to their electrical equipment. This is why regular testing and tagging is of the utmost importance when managing and running a business in Australia. Our test and tag Perth team members are ready and waiting for your call. Our mobile service means that you can access the services you need wherever you may be. Read More

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Proper testing and tagging of your electrical equipment not only ensures that you protect yourself and others in your workplace; it also ensures your compliance with current safety standards. This is why you need a service provider that can test and tag your electrical equipment in Perth with the pertinent information needed to get you up to regulation.

We know how important safety is to you and your staff. Eliminate risk with regular testing and reduce the chances of damaging your property. Regular inspections ensure your equipment and appliances are safe for use. Don’t expose your business to unnecessary harm – test and tag your building today.


Our Test and Tag Perth Services

Our technicians offer a range of electrical and fire safety testing services. Take a look at the following services and get in touch for a free quote today.

You can meet all your safety obligations with one team when you work with Jim’s Test & Tag. Our ongoing support and thorough services are available across Perth. Contact us today and we can travel to your suburb and complete all of your safety testing requirements.

Who We Are 

Jim’s Test & Tag has been working nationwide for over 10 years, consulting and attending to the most reputable businesses, and we’ve got no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Our company takes pride in educating its team members on up to date regulations, and that’s only the beginning. Our service is comprehensive, meaning that we not only test and tag your equipment; we follow up to ensure that you’re always up to regulation. We’ll help you pass your inspections, every time.

Our team members are locally trained technicians who offer the best in standards and equipment to our clients, with top notch customer service. Our dedication to our clients is only topped by the amount of expertise we bring to the table, and we’re proud of that.

Why should I choose Jim’s Test & Tag for my safety testing needs? 

Our test and tag Perth team members are dedicated to providing ongoing safety testing services to businesses across the city. We have a data management system in place that allows us to keep track of your testing results and notify you when your next test is due. You will receive a detailed test report for each appliance we inspect. You can also request notification of scheduled maintenance so that you never miss a compliance test.

Fire Protection Services 

We offer fire safety testing services as well as electrical testing and tagging. Our team members can maintain your fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, and fire blankets. We can check the accessibility of each device and check for any damage. We refill fire extinguishers with a range of extinguishing agents and can recommend the right extinguisher for your environment. All of our tests will be accompanied by a fire safety report.

Contact us today to get started with a thorough consultation on what services your business needs. With Jim’s Test & tag Perth, we’ve always got you covered.