Emergency lighting is extremely important for any workplace as it ensures that the employees can evacuate the premises safely in case of a power outage. Emergency Lighting Testing in Melbourne offered by Jim’s Test & Tag can help in assuring you that your emergency lights and exit signs are working in perfect order and meet the Australian standards.

We offer services for inspecting the emergency lighting that is installed in your workplace. Our qualified technicians will test all of your emergency lights and make sure they are working as they are supposed to.

Sometimes not knowing the standards for emergency lighting in Australia can land you into trouble. You can trust our technicians to make sure that you never have to worry about compliance issues.


Importance of Emergency Lighting Testing Melbourne

Emergency lighting testing in Melbourne is of critical importance if you want to ensure the safety of your workers during a crisis. Faulty emergency lights can go unnoticed if they are not tested at regular intervals and may not function properly when needed most. This is why the Australian workplace safety standards demand that emergency lighting is tested every 6 months.


Benefits of Emergency Lighting Testing Melbourne

Our Emergency Lighting Testing service can point out flaws in the emergency lighting fittings you have. Moreover, it can also make sure that you are in compliance with the Australian workplace safety standards.

Some of the other benefits that emergency lighting testing in Melbourne can offer you include:

  • Peace of mind
  • Safety assurance
  • Cost saving in the long run 

So, if you want to ensure that the emergency lights in your workplace keep on functioning properly then Jim’s Test & Tag service of emergency lighting testing in Melbourne is your best available option.