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Testing & Tagging

Jim’s Test & Tag Services ThorntonJim’s Test & Tag Services Thornton provides quality services for workplace health and safety in Australia. We provide test & tag services and a number of other added services. The quality solutions we offer are there to ensure that your business complies with safety standards and fulfills each and every legal requirement.

We have some of the most experienced technicians working for us who can customize safety solutions according to your business needs. Providing a safe and healthy environment for your staff and employees is legal requirement as well as your responsibility as the employer.

Understanding the legal requirements isn’t that easy sometimes and can cause plenty of headaches. You can trust our technicians at Jim’s Test & Tag Services Thornton to make sure that your business meets your safety compliance requirements.

Test & Tag Services in Thornton

At Jim’s Test & Tag Services Thornton, we take care of each every aspect related to the safety of your workplace. From data management to record keeping, we will help you out in every possible way. We are a certified company and can offer you a solution for all your needs. Some of the services we offer you are:

• Electrical Testing & Tagging

• Domestic Test & Tag

• Exit and Emergency Lights

• Safety Switch (RCD) Testing

• Fire Protection

• Data Management

• Microwave Testing

The technicians we have at Jim’s Test & Tag Services Thornton are always ready to offer you excellent customer service and quality products all over Australia. If you are looking for economical workplace safety and health solutions for your business then call Jim’s Test & Tag Services Thornton today and take advantage of our excellent services.

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