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Testing & Tagging

Are you in need of the latest workplace safety and health products for your business? Are you fed up of trying to understand what you need to fulfil your workplace’s legal requirements? If yes then Jim’s Test & Tag Services Mayfield is there to help you.

As a manager or the owner of a business, it is your legal and moral responsibility to ensure the safety and health of your staff and employees. As safety is very important, opting for cheap or simple solutions is out of the question. You have to look for a solution that can deal with all safety issues that your business might be facing. Jim’s Test & Tag Services Mayfield has an excellent team that is capable of ensuring that you have quality products at your disposal at all times.

We provide budget-friendly services without compromising on quality. Our expert technicians know about legal requirements and best safety products and are in the best position to help you out.


The following services are offered at Jim’s Test & Tag Services Mayfield:

  • Electrical Test & Tag
  • Electrical Risk Evaluations
  • Fire Protection
  • Commercial Microwave Testing
  • RCD Testing
  • First Aid Kits
  • Earth Fault Loop
  • Domestic Test & Tag
  • Data Management


Our Team at Jim’s Test & Tag in Mayfield

Jim’s Test & Tag Services Mayfield is considered as one of the best test & tag services provider in Australia. We have technicians that know all about safety products and can customize safety solutions specific to your business.

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