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Jim’s Test & Tag Morningside

Testing & Tagging

Jim’s Test & Tag Services in Morningside can help you meet all legal regulations in your workplace. It is important that your company has quality workplace safety products on hand and that all your safety services are tested at all times in case of an emergency. We provide quality workplace health and safety products to meet your every need.

At Jim’s Test & Tag Morningside, we offer a wide range of quality services and products to ensure your company meets all codes that you are required to meet. We adhere to AS/NZS 3760-2010 and AS 1851-2012 standards. Our trained team of technicians are experts in the field of test & tag, in addition to fire protection, supplying fire extinguishers, RCD testing, and more.

Whether you are a business owner or a manager, our team will work with you to customise safety solutions for your workplace. We know that it can be difficult to understand some of the legal terms and safety jargon that go along with the services and that is why we simplify it for you.

Our Test & Tag Services in Morningside

When it comes to test & tag services throughout Australia, Jim’s Test & Tag’s services are certified to ISO 9001 and to OHSAS 18001 & AS/NZS 4801. Jim’s Test & Tag Services in Morningside can provide you with the best solutions and meet all of your needs through our services, which include:

  • Emergency Lights
  • Safety Switch (RCD) Testing
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical Testing & Tagging
  • Data Management
  • Commercial Microwave Testing

The experts at Jim’s Test & Tag Morningside take a unique and customisable approach to your safety plan.

If you are in need of workplace health and safety products, call the professionals at Jim’s Test & Tag Morningside. Our technicians are ready to work with you and provide you with a free quote.

 Call 131 546 for your free quote today!


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