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At Jim’s Test & Tag, we check your electrical equipment to make sure it’s in safe working order and in line with OH&S requirements. With 150+ franchises across Australia, we have an expertly trained and fully qualified technician near you.

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We are your local experts in all things electrical safety. If your work involves ANY kind of electrical equipment or appliances, you need to have them tested. This means that your microwave, coffee machine, power boards, computers, power tools, cleaning equipment etc. all needs to be inspected at regular intervals.

Our team members test and tag equipment according to the AS/NZS3760 standard for the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. For construction and demolition sites, we refer to the AS/NZS3012 standard for electrical installations.

Testing and Tagging Geelong Services

Contact your local Jim’s team member and access a comprehensive range of electrical safety testing services. We offer a full suite of electrical risk assessment services so that you only need to go to one place for all of your workplace compliance needs.

We offer the testing and tagging Geelong businesses need to protect their staff. Let one of our professional team members visit your place of work and test each piece of your equipment. We carry out all our inspections on-site at a time that suits you best.

Ask the Jim’s Test & Tag Geelong team to carry out any number of the following range of services:

Portable appliance testing Geelong

The portable appliances you use at work might be vacuum cleaners or power tools. No matter the nature of your work, you need to test all of your equipment ­– even the portable items. Our Geelong services are completely mobile ­– just like your appliances. If you care about the safety on your work site, ask us about our portable appliance testing Geelong services.

Your safety is our priority.

RCD safety switch testing Geelong

A residual current device provides protection against electrical shock and electrocution. You are required to have your safety switches tested and inspected according to the relevant industry safety standards. Our technicians complete RCD safety switch testing Geelong services according to the current Australian safety standards. We make sure our team members are technically trained and always up-to-date with current legislation.

Emergency and exit light testing Geelong

Having emergency and exit lights installed and maintained in your building could save valuable time in an emergency. Make sure an exit path is illuminated by asking the emergency and exit light testing Geelong team to inspect and test your system. One of our experienced technicians will perform a discharge test, clean bulbs, and replace any batteries – all according to the current workplace safety standards.

Earth fault loop impedance testing Geelong

Electrical faults can cause damage to your circuits, resulting in productivity loss and safety hazards. A functional circuit breaker will protect your system from power surges and other faults but it can only operate in certain conditions. You can make sure your circuit breaker can do its job by asking for our earth fault loop impedance testing Geelong services.

We will test the resistance in your circuit with an impedance testing device. After we have completed our tests, you will receive a detailed report in which all results will be included.

Microwave testing Geelong

Nearly every workplace has a microwave. To prevent radiation leakage, ask us about our microwave testing Geelong services. A Jim’s Test & Tag Geelong technician can test and tag your device to reduce the chance of electrical shock and use specialised equipment to complete a radiation leakage test. Extended exposure to radiation is extremely detrimental to your health. Protect yourself and your staff from unnecessary harm by contacting us today.

Why should I choose Jim’s Test & Tag?

If you are looking for electrical safety testing for your business, there’s only one reputable team that has everything you need to stay safe at work. When you choose one of our safety testers to work with your business, you will have access to the following range of advantages:

  • Friendly team
  • Mobile services
  • Expert advice
  • Ongoing support
  • Free reminder service
  • Detailed reports

After we complete each test, you’ll get a report and a re-test date. Take advantage of the Jim’s Test & Tag Geelong free reminder service – have our team let you know when your next test is due so that you stay on top of your safety testing requirements.

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