Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test

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What is an Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test?

An Earth Fault Loop Impedance test is the process of having your electrical installations and power points tested to avoid electric shock and injury. Coming into contact with an electrical installation that is now active due to a fault condition, can cause someone to suffer from a severe electric shock, which can result in serious injury and even death. Because of the severity of coming into contact with an electric fault, having your electrical installations and power points tested for earth fault loop impedance is mandatory to be compliant with Australian wiring standards AS/NZS 3000:2007.

At Jim’s Test & Tag, our technicians provide earth fault loop impedance test services, designed to test the electrical earth of all power points and electrical installations and discover any faults within your electric circuit.In order to ensure you and your employees’ safety and the accuracy of our test results, we will also always test the power point we use for our portable appliance tester when we provide our other testing and tagging services.

Call us today on 131 546 or inquire online to organise an earth fault loop impedance test at your worksite.


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