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How Safe Is Your Workplace?

Workplace kitchen

At Jim’s Test & Tag, your safety is our business! But, building a healthy and safe workforce should be everyone’s responsibility.

We offer a wide range of electrical safety services to help you stay safe at the office including testing and tagging, fire protection, portable appliance testing and more. Proactively maintaining the highest of safety standards for everyone at work is not always easy, that’s where Jim’s Test & Tag come in to help. Each profession comes with a certain amount of risk. Knowing common causes of safety hazards at the workplace is the first step in preventing injury.

On our visits to numerous workplaces we notice 5 common safety issues or concerns:

  • Excessive exposure to radiation energy from microwaves.
  • Expired fire protection equipment including fire blankets and extinguishers.
  • Damaged RCDs (Residual Current Devices) located in your switchboard.
  • Handwritten or incorrect state color coded electrical tags.
  • Out-of-date and inappropriate electrical safety risk assessment.

Injuries at the workplace are avoidable and we can help you be protected against them. Programs like testing and tagging and regularly informing employees about the norms to be followed can keep your office safe.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation includes regulations, Codes of Practice and a national compliance and enforcement policy. However, each state may adopt minor variations they feel are necessary. At Jim’s Test & Tag all our technicians are trained with extensive knowledge of relevant state regulations and are committed in making your workplace environment safe for everyone.

Accidents wait for no one; preventing them, however, is in your hands. Do any of the issues listed above sound like you? Or you want to be sure that your current safety measures in place are effective?

Contact Jim’s Test & Tag to take the stress out of workplace health and safety. Let us help your business operate at its best.

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