Franchise for Sale Darwin

Time for a new career?

Now is the right time in Darwin for a new Jim’s Test & Tag territory as we have too many customers to be able to service.

✅ Expected yearly turnover of at least $130,000
✅ Enjoy a Pay For Work Guarantee of $1,100 per week.
✅ Large established customer base
✅ Jim’s Test and Tag Darwin – Franchise only $29,700
✅ Typical return on investment just 2 months due to the huge demand right now in Darwin

Investing in a Jim’s Test & Tag Franchise could be the exciting career opportunity you’ve been looking for. With help and support from one of Australia’s leading and most trusted brands you can:

✅ Be your own boss
✅ We have more work than we can handle
✅ Set your own schedule
✅ Spend more time with friends and family
✅ Determine your income

Hear from one of our franchisees what they have to say about buying a Jim’s Test & Tag franchise

Question 1: Has the business exceeded or failed to meet expectations that you had before going into the Jim’s group and why.

The franchise has definitely exceeded my expectations. I was very concerned going in that I wouldn’t manage to run a business by myself having had no experience working for myself before. The training was above what I expected and covered more that just Test and Tag. I met some great people who did the training with me, and we regularly spoke to each other when we first started working. We would help each other out with any problems we might come across as we were all in the same boat having just started up. The franchisor was also always available to help if needed.

Question 2: how long have you been in the business and what’s the main pro’s and con’s in your perspective about the business.

I have been in the business now for 13 years. The main pro for me is the flexibility. I can work the hours/days that suit me. If I need to take some time off there are always other franchisees to look after my customers while I am away, and I know they will be working to the same standard as me. The biggest con for me was the initial first 6 months to a year. It took a lot of discipline to build up my customer database, but it was well worth putting all the effort in (sometimes with little immediate return) to build up that customer base.

Question 3: what’s your average annual turn over and what do you reckon is the maximum turn over one could achieve in a year working at Jim’s test and tag.

Regarding my turnover and how much I earn in a year. My turnover is what I make it. I am happy to work 3 – 4 days a week even though there is more work available to me. This is my choice as I am now 56 and making lots of money is not a priority. I will quite happily work 14 days straight to get a week or 2 off to do the things that I enjoy. This refers back to my main pro, being as flexible as I want to be. I will go as far as saying that you will get out what you put in.

Question 4: do you see yourself still in the business in the next 5 years or are you looking at exiting the franchise and why.

I have no present plans to leave the franchise (unless my lotto numbers come up). The structure of the franchise suits me really well.

Why join Jim’s Test & Tag?

We currently have a huge amount of surplus work. In fact, last year we had 100’s of work leads go unserviced in the Northern Territory. In 2022, we’ve already seen a 65% increase in unserviced work leads compared to the same time last year. So there’s never been a better time to join Jim’s.

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