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Fire Safety Services in Sydney

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Fire Safety Services SydneyAdhering to NSW-Specific Regulations

While you’d be hard pressed to find any building in New South Wales, or all of Australia for that matter, that doesn’t have a smoke detector or fire extinguisher. With that said, there are still state mandated regulations regarding fire protection in the workplace. As the manager or proprietor, your business has to adhere to very specific rules in order to truly be in compliance. We get that. That’s why we offer comprehensive fire protection packages in Sydney performed by local technicians who are experts in state regulations.

Maintain Standards for Fire Safety in Sydney, NSW

While many standards apply nationally, there are several that are specific to each state. For example, in some of the most recent amendments, regulations stipulate that all fire safety measures must be maintained (typical) and that an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) must be prepared by the manager or owner (not so typical.) Requirements such as this exist to protect different regions of the country in different ways dependent upon their work modules. These standards exist to not only ensure compliance, but to maintain a quality level of safety across the country.

Hiring Fire Safety Services in Sydney

The ideal solution to adhering to a multitude of codes and regulations is hiring a technician that can not only perform maintenance on your fire protection equipment in Sydney, but can also ensure that you’re in line with NSW regulations. At Jim’s Fire Safety in Sydney, we pride ourselves on a team of technicians with localized, expert knowledge, and great workmanship. Contact us today; we’d love to work with you.

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