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The key to protecting your family and employees from the risk of fire requires the implementation of a fire safety plan and procedure. It is also an imperative legal requirement that businesses implement a plan that involves regular testing and maintenance of their fire safety equipment every 6 months.

Jim’s Test & Tag offers Fire Safety Services in NSW. Our technicians and insured technicians have the experience and dedication to perform your required 6 monthly inspections and testing requirements to ensure the protection of your business and employees. We make the process of undertaking fire safety checks easy with scheduled inspections and the provision of documented log books.


Fire Safety Services for NSW Businesses

Fire Extinguisher Testing

Getting your fire extinguisher tested by a professional technician is mandatory as prescribed in AS/NZS 1851. A trained and insured Jim’s Test & Tag technician will ensure your fire extinguisher is working properly and will protect you when you and your employees need it most.

Fire Blankets
Just like fire extinguishers, regular fire blanket inspection and maintenance is a compulsory workplace safety requirement. A Jim’s Test & Tag technician can arrange and install and servicing of fire blankets that not only comply with the AS 1851:2013 standard but will also protect you from the chance of a fire starting.

Smoke Alarms
To truly be protected from the chance of fire lighting, smoke alarms must be regularly tested and maintained. Our experienced and trained technicians will complete everything required to ensure your smoke alarm will alert you and your employees at the start of a fire, including thorough smoke simulation testing.

We also provide a range of other services that will ensure your business is fire safe:

  • Fire Reels – Supply, Installation, and Maintenance
  • First Aid Kits –
  • Electrical Appliance Testing & tagging
  • Light Globe Supply and Replacement
  • Microwave Radiation Leakage Tests
  • Power Output Tests
  • Emergency Lighting – Discharge Testing


At Jim’s Test & Tag, your fire safety is important to us and that’s why we do everything to ensure you, your employees, and onsite visitors are best protected in the case of a fire starting.

Call us today on 131 546 or contact us online to organise a Fire Safety technician in NSW to visit your workplace.

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