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Fire Safety Services Mooloolah

Fire Safety | Fire hose reel testing

Do you own or operate a business in Mooloolah? Make sure it is fire safe today with our fire safety services Mooloolah team. Our technicians are trained in both electrical and fire safety – with a certificate II in fire protection inspection and testing from FPA Australia.

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we are committed to improving our local communities with investment in electrical and fire safety services. Get in touch today for a free quote for any of our services and rest assured that your business is fire safe today.

Fire Extinguishers – Supply, Install & Servicing in Mooloolah

Our fire extinguisher testing and inspection services are conducted in accordance with the 1851:2012 standard. This standard stipulates that fire extinguishers are inspected and tested at least once every 6 months (this frequency will vary depending on your environment and equipment). If you have any questions about the frequency or nature of our fire extinguisher services, please contact us today. We also supply and install devices.

Fire Blankets – Supply, Install & Servicing

Fire blankets are essential in environments involving cooking fats and oils. Contact our fire safety services Mooloolah team today and ask about our fire blanket testing services. If you have a kitchen or any cooking equipment in your working environment, you need to have a fire blanket correctly installed and regularly tested to remain compliant.

Fire Hose Reels – Supply, Install & Servicing

Fire hose reels are essential when dealing with a fire in it’s early stages. If you can control a fire before it becomes too large, you will potentially save lives and extensive damage to your property. If you care about the longevity and safety of your business, please get in touch with us today to arrange an inspection.

First Aid Kits

Ask our fire safety services Mooloolah team to supply and install your workplace first aid kits today. We have first aid supplies for vehicles including boats, cars, buses, and caravans as well as kits for first aid rooms and small businesses. Whatever the requirement of your business, we will have a first aid kit to suit you.


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