Fire Safety Services Bundaberg

Fire protection testing

Fire Safety Services Bundaberg

Are you looking for professional fire safety services in Bundaberg? You’re in luck! Our fire safety services Bundaberg team have you covered. At Jim’s Test & Tag, we specialise in both fire and electrical safety so that your business has comprehensive access to statutory testing services.

If you own or operate a business in Australia, you have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for clients, guests, and employees. If you fail to meet the requirements prescribed by Australian Standards, you may face legal ramifications. Keep your business and employees safe today with Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety.

Call us now and have all of your appliances and equipment checked in one easy appointment. Your safety is our business.

Wide Range of Services

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we train our technicians in electrical and fire safety. This means that they have a certificate II in fire protection testing and inspection from FPA Australia. You can be sure that when you choose to work with our fire safety services Bundaberg team, you’ll get professional service that you can trust. We provide each client with a logbook of results for your reference and proof of compliance.

Call 131 546 now and get a free quote for the following range of services:

Fire Safety Services:

  • Fire extinguisher testing
  • Fire hose reel testing
  • Fire blanket testing


  • Electrical testing and tagging
  • Emergency and exit light testing
  • RCD testing
  • Real estate/ Landlord packages
  • First aid kits

Make sure your business is prepared with Jim’s Test & Tag today.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

We test and inspect fire extinguishers according to the Australian Standard 1851. This standard states that all portable and wheeled extinguishers need to be tested at least once every 6 months. Further tests and refills need to be conducted at least once every 5 years. If you have used your fire extinguisher recently or if you can see visual damage, please contact us immediately. You need to have functional equipment to protect your employees and property.

Fire Blanket Testing

Ask our fire safety services Bundaberg team to come and inspect your fire blankets today. You need a functional blanket to smother fires involving cooking fats and oils as well as clothing fires (by wrapping it around a person). If your business is at risk of a fire involving cooking equipment or if you work with an open flame, you need to have a regularly tested fire blanket in place. Call us now for a free quote.

Fire Hose Reel Testing

If your hose reel doesn’t have the right amount of pressure, or water flow, or if it is difficult to unwind, someone could get hurt during the operation. You need to know that if you approach an open flame, you have access to a working fire hose reel. If you’re unsure when your reel was last tested, simply take a look at the service tag attached to the device. If you can’t locate a service tag please contact us ASAP.

Choose Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety Today

Choose our fire safety services Bundaberg team today and know that you are working with professionals. We will give you a log book with all the results and attach/update service tags on every device to make sure you have accurate records. Call us now on 131 546 or fill in the online form for a free quote. Your safety is nothing to mess around with.


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