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Fire Protection Services in Perth

Fire protection testing


Is it time you enlist in fire protection services for your business? Hire local technicians in Perth to ensure the safety of your workplace.

Classify Which Types of Fires your Business is Susceptible to

Inspections of your workplace prior to purchasing fire protection equipment are of the utmost importance. The type of extinguishers and detection devices necessary for your workplace are entirely dependent upon the materials you store there. While the sooner the better, it’s never too late to implement fire protection services in your workplace. Different businesses have different needs, and we get that. That’s why we offer your business specific fire protection services from local technicians in Perth.

Equip yourself with the Best Fire Protection Plan for your Business

If you’re the proprietor of a paper company, you’ll obviously have different needs than a company that manufactures products with gas. This is all too true when it comes to extinguishers in workplaces. For example, Paper Company A has a fire in their storage room, that’s largely paper products; they can extinguish it with a water extinguisher. Paint Company C has a fire the same day, in their storage room, but wouldn’t be able to borrow the same extinguisher as it would exacerbate the fire. These differences are why it’s vital to hire a service technician to guide you on the best equipment for your fire protection plan and to perform regular maintenance to keep it running.

Our fire protection technicians in Perth are local experts who are well versed on the legislative regulations for equipment, which are based on each state. At Jim’s Fire Safety, our greatest achievement is that we’ve built a system of professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service and workmanship. Contact us today; we’d love to work with you.

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