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Fire Protection Melbourne

Educate your employees on procedures that can save their lives

With technological advances in fire prevention equipment, it’s hardly fathomable that fires remain commonplace in work environments. Fires are usually caused by the smallest of occurrences, and while not always completely preventable, most can be avoided. That’s why at Jim’s Fire Safety we offer practical, comprehensive safety solutions for the needs of modern businesses. Your business needs a fire protection plan equipped with all of the equipment, maintenance, and service that will give you peace of mind. That’s where we come in. We offer routine inspection of portable fire equipment.

Develop your fire protection plan

When choosing a fire protection plan for your workplace, you’ll need optimal portable fire appliances including fire extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels. Building a plan that incorporates these portable fire appliances requires experience, product knowledge and most importantly: expertise. Expertise is key in dealing with varying legislative policy dependent upon the state, and greatly effects the functionality of your fire protection plan. For example, in Melbourne, employees must have access to written information about fire protection equipment and procedural measures. This means in developing this information for your employees, you’ll need a service provider with extensive product knowledge specific to fire protection in Melbourne.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we strive to offer our customers the optimal experience in both workmanship and customer care. With significant experience under our belts, our Melbourne technicians are trained and licensed professionals who get the job done. Contact us today and we’ll get your workplace fire safe!

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