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Fire Hose Reel Testing

Fire Safety | Fire hose reel testing

Fires are a major concern in any workplace. They can cause a lot of damage to a workplace and also pose a great danger to the workers. Having fire precaution equipment is a necessity to minimize damage caused by a fire. Fire hose reel testing can help you ensure your fire safety equipment is functioning properly.

Jim’s Fire Safety offers testing services for fire hose reels and other equipment used for controlling and putting out fires. Our  Fire protection testing certifies that there is no debris or dirt present which could obstruct the flow of water. We have experienced technicians who are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to perform a comprehensive test of a fire hose reel.

Importance of Fire Hose Reel Testing

A fire hose needs to be ready in case a fire breaks out in the workplace. If the hose is not functioning properly or is blocked because of dirt or foreign materials then there may be severe consequences. Fire hose testing is important as it can pinpoint any obstructions and ensure that when the time comes the hose is effective in combatting the fire.

Depending on the type of reel you have, fire hoses should be tested on a regular basis. In addition to visual examinations, reels should undergo pressure and flow rate tests. These results should be noted on a service label attached to the reel. The fire hose reel is an essential weapon against fire and must be tested regularly to stay safe.

Benefits of Fire Hose Testing

Advantages of fire hose testing performed by Jim’s Fire Safety:

  • Safety from fires
  • Cost saving
  • Compliance with safety standards

With Jim’s Fire Safety, fire hose reel testing service ensures the safety of your staff. Your safety is our priority.

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