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Fire Hose Reel Testing Brisbane

Fire Safety | Fire hose reel testing

Workplace fires can result in mass casualties and also cause a great deal of financial damage. It is therefore necessary to have the best fire safety equipment including fire hose reels installed in your workplace for controlling fire damage. You can ensure proper functioning of the fire hose by making use of Jim’s Test & Tag fire hose reel testing in Brisbane.

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we know how effective a fire hose reel can be in putting out fires. This is why we offer testing services for fire hose reels to ensure that they do their job properly when required.

We have an expert team of technicians who know how to test a fire hose and find out if there is anything wrong with it. Our technicians can repair the fire hose and get it functioning properly again.

What is the Need of Fire Hose Testing Brisbane

A fire hose should be able to start pumping water in case a fire erupts in your facility. Blockage caused by foreign materials or dirt can stop the hose from performing its job. Therefore, it is important to utilize the service of fire hose reel testing in Brisbane offered by Jim’s Test & Tag to make sure that the hose is clean and ready to use if and when a fire occurs.

How is Fire HoseReel Testing Brisbane

Helpful Fire hose reel testing in Brisbane can prove to be extremely helpful to you as it can provide you the assurance that your fire safety equipment is functioning properly and is going to be ready in case of a fire emergency. Other areas in which this service can help you out include:

  • Cost saving
  • Safety standard compliance
  • Worker safety

Get compliant with the Australian workplace safety standards by calling Jim’s Test & Tag and using our fire hose reel testing in Brisbane service today.

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