Fire Extinguisher Testing Services

Fire protection testing

Fire Extinguishers are the easiest and fastest way of protecting you and your business when a fire occurs. Over 90% of all fires are first extinguished using a portable fire extinguisher, and countless lives are saved due to diligence in testing and maintaining fire extinguishers.

How Often Should I Test My Fire Extinguisher?

  • All extinguishers have to be inspected at six monthly intervals.
  • Extinguishers need to be pressure tested and refilled on the regular basis.
  • There may be other servicing requirements at 12 months, 3 and 5 years.
  • The tests and intervals are to be recorded on a label or metal tag attached to the unit.

The only way to make sure that you are properly testing your fire extinguisher is by using a technician with the reputation and expertise to keep you and your property safe. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we offer services to not only test your fire extinguishers, but we keep records of it so that you don’t have to worry in the future.

After getting your extinguisher inspected you should be knowledgeable on the basic regulations for fire extinguishers in order to ensure that your fire extinguishers have been tested and tagged correctly. Our technicians will show you what to do to maintain the extinguisher in between inspections. Staying ahead of the regulations can save business and consumers in a variety of ways; from the threat of prosecution to the cost of insurance.

It’s important to establish an agreement with one company to provide the regular fire extinguisher servicing requirements. This is to make sure there is uniform service, and can make an agreement so that it is only technicians from that company that undertakes work on your extinguishers.

If you are wondering how often fire extinguishers should be inspected, or need to know crucial fire extinguisher testing requirements, contact us at Jim’s Test & Tag.

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