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Exit Signs and Safety Lights

Exit Signs and Safety Lights

If you have ever noticed the exit signs and safety lights that are in your workplace, you probably have not given them much thought. These two items are essential for both employee and customer safety. Should there be a fire; the exit should be clearly visible. This ensures that everyone will know which escape route is closest to them.


Maintenance should give every six months by a professional. The professional should also help to write out the log book and keep it up to date. The lights should be replaced so that they will be in working condition. This is the only way to minimize hazards that could be caused by faulty lighting.

Safety Lights

You want your alarms and exit signs to have adequate lighting so that if the power fails the path is still clear. They should also be available to help with the hearing disabled by releasing a flashing light to make them aware that there is a problem and that they should evacuate immediately. You want to have lighting in all the major walkways and above each exit.

Exit Signs

You want your exit signs to be marked in a bright color that can be easily seen from across the building. In an emergency where you lose power, you want to be able to see the lights reflecting from these exit signs. Next to each doorway, you should supply a map pointing to the nearest exit. This is essential to maintain the safety of the individuals in your place of business. Evacuation routes must be clearly marked and visible.


You should have all your employees trained so that they know the evacuation routes. They should also know how to help to direct anyone who may need help during an emergency. Regular drills will help them to familiar with the procedures so that they can be easily done in an emergency. Safety should be the first priority. You need your employees to keep the pathway clear and free of debris.

Fire safety starts with being prepared. The things you do to prepare you for any emergency make survival and safety more likely. The ways to prepare your business start with making sure your exit signs are clearly visible, and the lights are in working order. Keep in mind that your exit lights may be the only lights that are visible during a disaster. You should hire an expert to inspect all your safety equipment twice a year. You need the documentation to be filled out within your log. This is to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked.

You will need to change light bulbs and backup batteries at the time of each inspection. Law in most states requires regular inspections. You will be required to show proof that you are maintaining safety standards as required within your area. Remember that the safety of your employees, your clients, and yourself all depends on regular maintenance of safety equipment, including exit signs.

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