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Emergency Lighting Testing Perth

Emergency and exit light sydney

Emergency lighting is refers to the lights that come on in case of a power breakdown. The purpose of this lighting is to make sure that workers have some light available to them during emergency situations, allowing them to safely make their way out of the premises. Emergency lighting testing in Perth ensures proper functioning of these lights.

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we offer services for testing the emergency lightings in your workplace. Our expert technicians check each and every emergency light and exit sign comprehensively to ensure that they are functional and meet all the Australian workplace safety standards.

You can find yourself in trouble if you are not aware of the standards for emergency lighting in Australia. Our technicians can help you in meeting all the legal requirements for emergency lighting.

Importance of Emergency Lighting Testing Perth

If the safety of your employees is a priority for you and you want to make sure that they remain safe during power outages then you have to seriously think about emergency lighting testing in Perth. Testing of emergency lights is considered mandatory after every 6 months as per the standards of workplace safety in Australia.

Benefits of Emergency Lighting Testing Perth

The emergency lighting testing services in Perth we offer can be beneficial for you on many accounts. First of all, it can give you peace of mind that your emergency lights are working properly. Secondly, our technicians can replace the faulty emergency lights with new and improved emergency globes that are:

  •  Affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly Emergency lighting should be a matter for concern for you.

Call Jim’s Test & Tag today and take advantage of our services of emergency lighting testing in Perth.

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