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Emergency Light Testing

Emergency and exit light sydney

Jim’s Test & Tag is a certified electrical testing company with over 10 years of professional experience. They evaluate and mark electrical equipment in all environments and are experts in their field. By conducting emergency light and exit sign testing, Jim’s will help improve the safety of your employees and clients in an emergency situation. Their work is guaranteed and adheres to safety standards and risk management protocols laid down by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) to make sure your emergency lighting is maintained in compliance.

Emergency Light Testing

Faulty, loose fitting wires in lights are a fire hazard. The Jim’s Test & Tag team will check this and attend to repairs and maintenance, also advising on suitable replacements when required. So, when exactly should emergency light testing be carried out, and what does it entail? Test and tag teams will ensure that lighting circuits are functioning correctly and that there is no danger of short circuiting within the main system. While emergency lighting is designed to switch to battery power in the event of power failure, this may not always be the desired outcome. Jim’s Test & Tag brings alternative solutions.

 Why testing is necessary

It goes without saying that exit lights need to be fully functioning at all times and particularly when real-life emergencies arise. The safety of your clients and staff is paramount. The testing team will certify that all vital emergency lights are in good working order.

The testing process

Jim’s Test & Tag team diverts attention to effective light bulb use, essentially to do with prolonging light bulb and battery life. But, first and foremost, Jim’s team insists that all emergency lighting undergo a ninety-minute battery discharge test at least every six months in line with the Australian Standard AS 2293.2. It is all good and well to have backup battery power, but sometimes the battery fails, too. Jim’s Test & Tag explain that merely replacing a failed battery will not resolve the lack of power if it is due to a charging fault.

Jim’s Test & Tag procedures

It may be cost-effective to replace the entire unit if and when it breaks down. By applying Jim’s stringent testing protocols, this can be done long before power failure occurs. Our experts remind you that because energy costs continue to rise exponentially having energy efficient lighting systems in place should be the new normal for home and factory owners who haven’t yet tapped into environmentally sustainable practices. They recommend the installation of a programmed light globe regime which clients follow long after the technicians have left. The procedures are detailed but not difficult to follow. Globe stock and the efficient timing of light bulb changes will be monitored in minimizing light bulb blowouts.

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