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Imagine the chaos your employees could experience during an emergency if they don’t have access to functional emergency and exit lights.

If you own or operate a business, you are legally required to install and maintain emergency lighting systems according to the current standards from Standards Australia. These standards are created and updated by the government and it is essential that you follow them. If you fail to meet your safety requirements, you are not only putting your staff in danger – you’re also exposing yourself to both organisational and individual fines.

Contact our emergency & exit lights sunshine coast specialists today. At Jim’s Test & Tag, we are experts in electrical safety. Get in touch for a free quote now and make sure your business is safe.


Emergency lights must be tested at least once every 6 months. This interval is set by the Australian Standard: 2293.2 (emergency evacuation lighting for buildings inspection and maintenance).

Ask our team to come and inspect your system today. Every 6 months, your lights need to undergo a 90-minute discharge test to verify the backup battery power. During your 12-monthly inspection, we will clean any reflective surfaces. If any broken or faulty lamps are discovered during an inspection, we will arrange a replacement.


Exit signs are not exempt from regular testing. We need working exit signs to show a clear path to an exit during an emergency. This will save seconds when you need it and reduce confusion during a dangerous period.

For more information about the installation and maintenance of exit signs, contact us today. Our Sunshine Coast team members are specialists in fire and electrical safety. Get a free quote now and make sure your building is safe.


At Jim’s Test & Tag, we run a completely mobile electrical safety service for businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast region. We can visit your place of business at a time that suits you best.

Our safety testing professionals are trained in both electrical safety and fire protection services. Let one of our team members visit your property and carry out a comprehensive range of safety testing services. We can help you make sure your entire business is safe.

Contact us now for a free quote. Your safety is our business.


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