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Emergency & Exit Light Testing Bundaberg

Do you own or operate a business in Bundaberg? Make sure you building is safe today with help from our Emergency & Exit Lights Bundaberg team. At Jim’s Test & Tag, our technicians are trained in both electrical testing and tagging as well as a range of fire safety services. Each fire safety technician has a certificate II from FPA Australia. You can find out more about our complete suite of fire safety services on our Jim’s Fire Safety website.  

Functional emergency and exit lights are essential during an emergency. During an evacuation, the people in your building need to be able to identify an exit without panic. Emergency lights are essential during power failures where the mains power is not available. 

Ensure that your business is compliant today with help from Jim’s Test & Tag. We will perform a range of tests to verify that your emergency lighting system meets the current Australian standards. Call now on 131 546 and get a free quote. Your safety is our business. 

Emergency and Exit Light Testing Bundaberg

Our Emergency & Exit Lights Bundaberg team conduct each inspection according to the AS/NZS 2293.2:2013 standard for emergency evacuation lighting for buildings (inspection and maintenance). According to this standard, a 90 minute discharge test is required at least once every 6 months. Every 12 months, the fittings and reflective surfaces must be cleaned. 

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we also have a light bulb replacement service. If we find a damaged light bulb during an inspection, we will replace the bulb to make sure your lights are all functioning correctly when you need them. If you have any questions about the requirements for your unique business in Bundaberg, please get in touch with us today for a chat. 

We’re experts in workplace safety. 

Free Reminder Service  

Finding it difficult to keep track of your statutory testing requirements? Call our emergency & exit lights Bundaberg team today and we can take care of everything for you. After we complete an inspection, you will receive a log book with your results and a re-test period. This will help you prove compliance if you ever need to as well as find out when your next test is due. 

If you like, you can opt in to our free reminder service. We simply put your details in our system and send out a friendly notification when your next compliance date is approaching. One of our technicians will get in touch to arrange an inspection appointment at a time that suits you. 

What are you waiting for? Safety is our number one priority. Make it yours today. Call now on 131 546. 


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