Earth Safety Test

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Earth safety tests involve having your electric installations and power points tested to avoid injury and electric shocks at your workplace and home. This is done by making sure the impedance of your electric circuit is generating enough fault current to operate a device.

Why Should I Hire an Expert Earth Safety Tester?

Preventing shocks and accidents is even more important than making coffee available for your employees. With an ever increasing technological presence in the workplace, it’s easy to forget that the simplest of accidents are often where you least expect them. This means that you should take care to hire an expert service provider in earth safety testing, who can test your power points and ensure your workplace safety.

Who Should I Choose For My Earth Safety Test?

Jim’s Test & Tag has been a leading expert in this field for 10 years and strives to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient service. We not only maintain that our staff is the most well trained and knowledgeable in the country, they also have the highest dedication to customer service. For earth safety tests, contact us today, one of our customer service representatives would love to speak with you.

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