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Earth Fault Loop Impedance

earth fault loop impedance test Australia | test and tag

An Earth Fault Loop Impedance test (also known as an Earth Safety Test) is the process of having your electrical installations and power points tested to avoid electric shock and injury. Relying more on technology, most Australian lives have changed irreparably, mostly for the better. But sometimes, safety is taken for granted and attitudes only change when accidental shocks occur.

An earth-shattering business

Jim’s Test & Tag is part of Jim’s Group. This group has been around since long before the turn of the last century and we’ve been around since 2003. Their calling card says that their customers will ensure peace of mind. They will be around for some years yet. In fact, the business is growing as we speak. The company is now offering franchising opportunities for qualified men and women across Australia and New Zealand.

Earth fault loop impedance: Earthmoving service

Your safety is Jim’s business. He would like to help you and make himself a regular part of your life. Your safety begins by being extremely careful with electrical fault connections. A holistic approach is required to ensure safety standards are upheld in all work areas.

What is Earth fault loop impedance?

But what is earth fault loop impedance all about anyway? Firstly, the earth fault loop includes a protective earthing conductor. More importantly, the objective of the earth fault loop impedance is to determine correctly earth cable size. For fault impedance to be compliant, total impedance in the fault loop path must be low enough to generate enough fault current to use the circuit protective device within an adequate timeframe.

Jim’s Test & Tag

This maintenance team takes great pride in its service record over the years. They are equally famous for ensuring that stringent safety standards are met. They strive always to improve safety factors surrounding the use and maintenance of electrical equipment. Their rule of thumb is to have installations and connections checked to avoid shocking encounters which cause injury and sometimes, even death.

How they treat electrical routing and supply lines

They stress that testing is compulsory. When they do the testing, they will ensure that the design and installation of electrical circuits comply with the minimum regional requirements of the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules (Australia and New Zealand). Observing safety requirements will ensure that people are protected from live components. Jim’s Test & Tag guarantees that test results are accurate.

Taking care out there

Call it shock therapy if you will, but our technicians are serious about their business at Jim’s Test & Tag. It is company policy here that only qualified electricians will conduct testing on all relevant equipment, connections and electrical supply sources. Our group takes the matter of compatibility and accountability a lot further than many runs of mill companies. Potential employees and franchisors are checked thoroughly. Would-be business owners will have their financial status vetted before coming on board.

Our employees, on the other hand, are not only qualified. We are also cleared to work in environments where children are meant to be seen and heard. We are criminally cleared before working. We comply with national and state legislation, and all of our technicians hold the relevant certifications across all states in Australia, which allows us to guarantee that there will be no shocking accidents in the future.

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