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Join the Test and Tag Business

Are you looking for a career change? Why not join the test and tag business? At Jim’s Test & Tag, we are pioneers in the [...]

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Testing and Tagging in Schools

Are you in charge of safety in your school? You need to be aware of your obligations to ensure the safety of teachers and students. [...]

Why do you need PAT Testing?

PAT or Portable appliance testing is an essential safety measure for businesses that use portable electrical equipment. Electrical installation and construction sites often include the use of [...]

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Office Safety: Power Boards

Is your business based in an office? Faulty power boards can cause fire and electrical shock. At Jim's Test & Tag we specialise in electrical [...]

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Staying Safe at the Office Christmas Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year already – the festive season is here. Unfortunately, holiday celebrations are often coupled with risk. Relaxed behaviour, [...]

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Electric Shock in the Workplace

The effects of an electric shock can range from mild discomfort to death. You need to make sure preventative measures have been taken in your [...]

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Jim’s Test & Tag Participated in the Melbourne Franchising Expo

Jim’s Test & Tag took part in the Melbourne Franchising Expo on 26-28 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. All Victorians who had stated interest [...]

5 Tests in The Workplace That Can Save Your Life

Every business has an obligation to provide a safe workplace for its workers and visitors. Some of the areas of concern are electrical and fire [...]

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Jim’s Test & Tag Participated in the Brisbane Franchising Expo

Jim’s Test & Tag took part in the Brisbane Franchising Expo on July 23-24 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. All Queenslanders who had voiced [...]

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WA Restaurant & Café Inspection Program Issues 160 Electricity Notices

WorkSafe issued improvement notices related to electricity issues to 160 Western Australian restaurants and cafés during a recent inspection program. The issuance was part of [...]