Testing and tagging of electrical equipments and portable appliances on a frequent basis is considered mandatory for all companies in Australia no matter which industry they belong to. It is important that company owners effectively manage getting their appliances tested and tagged after every few months to ensure a safe working environment. Read More

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However, every workplace is different and has its own test & tag requirements. This is why the Australian workplace safety standards outline the intervals at which testing and tagging of appliances must be carried out in each industry.

Demolition, construction and building industry

The building and construction industry works with a lot of electrical equipments and portable appliances that are used daily and often in a very harsh environment. The chances of damaging an appliance or piece of equipment in this industry is very high. That is why it is recommended to test & tag the equipments and appliances used in the construction industry every 3 months.

Production, warehouses and factories

Factories, warehouses and production facilities also have a wide range of appliances and electrical equipments that are used on a consistent basis. To ensure that these appliances are functioning properly and pose no danger to the lives of the workers, it is essential to have them tested & tagged every 6 months.

Hostile environments

Hostile environments where there is risk of appliances being exposed to physical abuse, moisture, dust, and corrosion along with / and not limited to other elements. Some industries have an environment where appliances are at risk of being overused also need to ensure regular testing and tagging of their electrical equipments and portable appliances. The Australian workplace safety standards recommend testing of appliances in such environments at least once a year.

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