2308, 2017

Which RCD to Use

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Did you recently purchase some new equipment? Or, are you checking your workplace for compliance? Either way, you’re probably wondering which RCD to use for each piece of equipment. There [...]

2308, 2017

Why are space heaters a fire hazard?

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Fire hazards can be hiding in plain sight Just this week, Gene Graham, one of our expert test & tag technicians found two life threatening appliances in an office space. [...]

2208, 2017

WorkSafe Focus on Electrical Safety

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25,861 workers were injured seriously enough to make a claim in 2016 –  and that’s just in Victoria.  At the end of March 2017, WorkSafe Victoria announced its new Construction [...]

2208, 2017

Maintained vs Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting

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Emergency lights are a necessity in any public or commercial establishment. By ensuring you have a lighting system installed (and regularly maintained) in your building, you are investing in safety [...]

2707, 2017

Join the Test and Tag Business

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Are you looking for a career change? Why not join the test and tag business? At Jim’s Test & Tag, we are pioneers in the electrical testing and tagging industry. [...]

2707, 2017

Emergency Lights for Hospitals

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Even though every hospital has an emergency room, each building must also have emergency lights. These lights are independent of any medical emergency but can be vital in the case [...]

2707, 2017

Jim’s Test & Tag at The Glenmore Hotel

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At Jim’s Test & Tag, we are committed to long-lasting relationships with loyal clients. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the W. Short Hotel [...]

1302, 2017

How to Prevent a Power Outage

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The recent power outages in Western Australia have been inconvenient for thousands of residents (and businesses) across the state. Our test and tag Perth team have created a blog post [...]

3001, 2017

Testing and Tagging in Schools

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Are you in charge of safety in your school? You need to be aware of your obligations to ensure the safety of teachers and students. Your school needs to be [...]

1101, 2017

RCD Tester Tips: Reasons why your Safety Switch Keeps Tripping

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When our testing technicians complete RCD safety switch testing, one question they often encounter is: why does my safety switch keep tripping? There can be a number of reasons for [...]

1101, 2017

Why do you need PAT Testing?

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PAT or Portable appliance testing is an essential safety measure for businesses that use portable electrical equipment. Electrical installation and construction sites often include the use of portable tools and devices that [...]

1112, 2016

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

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Here at Jim’s Test & Tag we would like to wish you a very safe and happy festive season! We’d like to remind all our clients and franchisees to be [...]

412, 2016

Office Safety: Power Boards

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Is your business based in an office? Faulty power boards can cause fire and electrical shock. At Jim's Test & Tag we specialise in electrical testing & tagging. You should [...]

2211, 2016

Franchisors Sponsor Nippers Program

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Two of our Jim’s Test & Tag franchisors have sponsored the Woolamai Nippers Surf Lifesaving Program for the second year running. Bruce Collins (Gippsland) and Michael Becker (Melbourne South) have [...]

2211, 2016

Summer Safety: Preventing Fires at Work

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Fire prevention measures should be a priority in any workplace. It is important to maintain your emergency equipment throughout the year – however, during this high-risk period, we should all [...]