An Introduction to Emergency Lights

Emergency and exit light sydney

Emergency lights are backup lights that come on in case of a power shut down or during emergencies. Emergency lights provide workers or patrons the chances to find their way out of the facility when the regular power is down for whatever reason.

Emergency lights are usually powered by a battery and are not connected to the main power supply which is why it works in a power blackout. These lights come on automatically when the main power supply shuts down.

Importance of Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are considered extremely important for workplaces because they may be the only means of light available for workers during emergency situations. These battery powered lights ensure that the workers can easily find an exit with relative ease. This is why installation of these lights is considered a legal requirement within the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and you will be faced with fines for not complying with these regulations.

Emergency Lights Testing

Besides the installation of emergency lights, the BCA also call for regular testing of these lights as well. Premise owners have to ensure that the emergency lighting they have at their facility is checked on a regular basis to ensure that it is functioning properly. The testing of the emergency lighting entails checking of the batteries and the automatic settings which turns them on as soon as the power breakout occurs.

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